Saving The Heart of Reading: Why We Should Transplant Close Reading

Awesome ideas to get kids to think about their reading…

: the readiness is all

Close reading and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) lurk like shady hit men in the alleyway of the English building. Wiseguys waiting to whack someone. That someone is reading. They don’t realize the consequence of job. They don’t realize the  true nature of their victim and there’s not much time left to save reading before it’s spread upon the table waiting for its final autopsy.


So what is close reading? Close reading is digging through the text, it’s unearthing meaning that at first glance passes by us, it’s work. It’s kinda like this.


Now, I’m not above doing a little digging myself. Whether it’s my intense close-reading activity The BRAWL or asking my students to practice using movie reviews to discern the difference between summary and analysis.

When I attended UC Irvine I LOVED my Critical Theory classes. I’m a fan of sleuthing through a text. One example…

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