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Happy Spring!

The weather has been questionable, but the calendar definitely says it is spring.  If we have any doubt, the restlessness of students and glazed look in the eyes of teachers confirm it… the school year is winding down!  Before you

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

I had a great conversation last week with the Batavia Schools Writing Team.  We talked about encouraging vs. discouraging students to mimic models of writing.  Certainly there is a fine line between mimicry, copying, and plagiarizing… but when young students

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Common Core Resources

Looking for some help understanding and implementing Common Core standards? I read a great review of Jim Burke’s Common Core series on one of my favorite blogs…check it out here.  If you are not familiar with Jim Burke, or the

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National Poetry Month

Some ideas and resources for studying and teaching poetry from Edutopia… Also, if you haven’t seen the app from The Poetry Foundation – check it out! It is really cool!

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How to use newspaper articles to engage struggling readers Great piece about about using newspaper articles in class from the New York Times Learning Network…

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Need to “Kill” a Period? RE/Mix It!

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Teacher Confession… I love when my fellow teachers ask me, “Hey Theriault, I need to kill a period, what can I do?” Coming up with a last-minute lesson plan is one of my…

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Close Reading…

Read the linked article from the SmartBlog on Education.  The author reminds us that close reading is not the goal in and of itself but rather a means to enhance comprehension. Like any reading strategy, it can be overused or

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